Herbal Teas,
Culinary Herbs,
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Herbal Teas
Culinary Herbs
Local & Regenerative

Just boil water, steep, and enjoy! Several varieties to choose from, all ingredients sourced from our farm.

Available loose leaf in 1 Oz. pouch or a Variety Pack of individually wrapped biodegradable tea bags.

Add some gourmet flavor to your meal! Available dried in glass jars. Look for our fresh herbs during the summer market season.

We strive to grow quality herbs using earth friendly practices. We do not use any unnatural or unsafe fertilizers or pesticides. We grow in permanent raised beds with minimal tillage. We utilize cover crops, tarps, and chicken pasture rotation to provide nutrients, weed supression, and organic matter to our fields, as well as mulch to keep plants clean, disease free, and reduce water consumption. We grow a huge variety of pollinator friendly plants to attract beneficial insects, as well as hedgerows for wildlife and to create a milder microclimate.

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